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Cookies are small pieces of information stored by your browser on your computer's hard drive. It is generally used to provide you with a personalized experience while using the website you visit, to improve the services offered and to improve your experience, and can contribute to the ease of use when navigating a website.


Compulsory/Technical Cookies: These are mandatory cookies for the website you visit to function properly. The purpose of such cookies is to provide the necessary service by making the site work.

For example, it allows to access secure parts of the website, use its features, and navigate on it.

Analytical Cookies: They collect information about the usage pattern of the website, frequency and number of visits, and show how visitors get to the site. The purpose of use of such cookies is to improve the functioning of the site, to increase performance and to determine the general trend direction. They do not contain data that can identify visitor identities.

For example, they show the number of error messages shown or the most visited pages.

Functional/Functional Cookies: Saves the choices made by the visitor on the site and remembers them on the next visit. The purpose of such cookies is to provide ease of use to visitors.

For example, it prevents the site user from re-entering the user password on each page they visit.

Targeting / Advertising Cookies: They allow measuring the effectiveness of advertisements served to visitors and calculating the number of times the advertisements are viewed. The purpose of such cookies is to serve advertisements customized to the interests of visitors.

Likewise, they ensure that visitors' interests are identified and appropriate content is presented to them.

For example, it prevents the advertisement shown to the visitor from being shown again in a short time.


Mandatory, functional and analytical cookies used by our site:

It is mandatory to use the website interface and features as desired.

It allows you to speed up the activities during your future visits.

By enabling us to understand how the website is used by visitors, it helps us to gather statistical data and develop content in line with this data.

Under no circumstances does it collect, store and process data that we can identify, and it does not constitute personal data.

It does not harm your computer and does not contain viruses.

Mandatory, functional and analytical cookies used by our site; We obtain your personal data during your visit to our site, and your personal data is processed because it is compulsory for our legitimate interests, provided that it does not harm your fundamental rights and freedoms.


To change your preferences for the use of cookies or to block or delete cookies, simply change your browser settings.

Many browsers give you the option to accept or reject cookies, to only accept certain types of cookies, or to be alerted by the browser when a website requests to store cookies on your device so you can control cookies.

It is also possible to delete cookies previously saved in your browser.

If you disable or reject cookies, you may need to set some preferences manually, some features and services on the website may not work properly because we cannot recognize and associate your account. You can change your browser's settings by clicking the relevant link in the table below.

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You can visit or to get more information about cookies, including how cookies are placed, how to see them, and how to manage and delete them. You can contact us to send us all your questions and comments about the Policy.